Chris Clark

Chris Clark may refer to:

* Chris Clark (American football) (born 1985), player on the Houston Texans American football team * Chris Clark (deminer) (born 1964), mine action expert * Chris Clark (footballer, born 1984), English footballer * Chris Clark (footballer, born 1980), Scottish footballer * Chris Clark (ice hockey) (born 1976), American professional ice hockey right winger * Chris Clark (historian) (born 1960), Australian historian * Chris Clark (musician) (born 1979), electronic musician and composer also known as Clark * Chris Clark (politician) (born 1983), mayor of Mountain View, California * Chris Clark (reporter), former lead news anchor for WTVF-TV Nashville, Tennessee * Chris Clark (singer) (born 1946), soul singer on the Motown label * Chris Clark (sportscaster) (born 1975), reporter/producer for WTVT FOX 13 in Tampa, Florida * The Libertarian candidate, Christopher Clark, running in the 2013 election for the Mayor of Minneapolis, MN Provided by Wikipedia