Ongonite of the Arybulak Stock, Transbaikal; the first find of a subvolcanic analog of rare metal-bearing lithium-fluorine granite (apogranite) in the USSR

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Authors:Kovalenko, V. I.; Grebennikov, A. M.; Antipin, V. S.
Volume Title:Doklady. Earth Science Sections
Source:Doklady. Earth Science Sections, 220(1-6), p.158-160. Publisher: Scripta Publishing, Silver Spring, MD, United States. ISSN: 0012-494X
Publication Date:1976
Note:In English. 2 refs.; table
Summary:White crystalline, porphyritic to chilled aphyric varieties of ongonite (keratophyte) occur at the centre of the Siberian Arybulak stock, and exhibit all the geological criteria for subvolcanic intrusive rocks similar to those of Mongolia. Porphyritic ongonite consists of phenocrysts of albite, oligoclase-albite, K-feldspar, quartz, zinnwaldite, and topaz in a fine-grained matrix of the same minerals. A special feature of the aphyric ongonite is the pseudomorphous replacement of sodic feldspar by fluorite, which forms distinct phenocrysts surrounded by rims of sanidine. Geochemical data prove the genetic relationship between holocrystalline Li-F granite and the ongonite studied, the magmatic origin of which is therefore indisputable. This ongonite indicates that such rocks, enriched in fluorine and other rare elements, were not formed by chance but are a more general phenomenon produced by generation and differentiation of rare metal granite magma. [W.J.F.]
Subjects:Alkali metals; Chemical composition; Fluorine; Granites; Halogens; Igneous rocks; Lithium; Metals; Metamorphism; Occurrence; Petrology; Plutonic rocks; Rare earths; Trace elements; Volcanic rocks; Asia; Commonwealth of Independent States; Russian Federation; Transbaikalia; USSR; Ongonite; Russian Republic
Coordinates:N490000 N573000 E1250000 E1023000
Abstract Numbers:82M/0796
Record ID:1978008056
Copyright Information:GeoRef, Copyright 2019 American Geosciences Institute. Reference includes data from Mineralogical Abstracts, United Kingdom, Twickenham, United Kingdom
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