Micromorphology and chemical composition of kaolin minerals; observation with aid of the analytical electron microscope

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Authors:Tazaki, Kazue
Volume Title:Nendo Kagaku Journal of the Clay Science Society of Japan
Source:Nendo Kagaku = Journal of the Clay Science Society of Japan, 20(3), p.83-90. Publisher: Nippon Nendo Gakkai = The Clay Science Society of Japan, Tokyo, Japan. ISSN: 0470-6455
Publication Date:1980
Note:In Japanese with English summary. 13 refs.; illus. incl. 7 anal., 3 tables, 3 plates
Summary:Observations by TEM revealed that kaolinite specimens having the 7A basal reflection are commonly mixtures of particles with different chemical compositions, and various morphology such as film, hexagonal plate and long tube. A triangular plot of SiO2, Al2O3 and total FeO of Kibushi clay shows that the SiO2 content of the film of indefinite primitive form is less than that of the hexagonal plate, whereas total FeO is lower in the latter. However, the chemistry of the Austrian kaolin shows the reverse trend in SiO2 content, possibly due to the difference in the source material. [H.H.]
Subjects:Chemical composition; Clastic sediments; Clay mineralogy; Clay minerals; Experimental studies; Kaolin; Kaolinite; Mineral data; Mineralogy; Minerals; Morphology; Sediments; Sheet silicates; Silicates; TEM data; Asia; Austria; Central Europe; Europe; Far East; Japan; Biela Hora; Czechoslovakia; Kampaku kaolin; Kibushi clay; Schwertberg
Coordinates:N461500 N490000 E0171500 E0093000
N473000 N510000 E0224500 E0121000
N300000 N450000 E1470000 E1290000
Abstract Numbers:82M/3854
Record ID:1981040208
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