Geochemical contrasts between late Caledonian granitoid plutons of northern, central and southern Scotland

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Authors:Stephens, W. E.; Halliday, A. N.
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Univ. St. Andrews, Dep. Geol., St. Andrews, United Kingdom
Scott. Univ. Res. and React. Unit., Isot. Geol. Unit, United Kingdom
Volume Title:Deep geology of the Midland Valley of Scotland and adjacent regions
Volume Authors:Bowes, D. R., chairperson
Source:Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Earth Sciences, Vol.75 ( Part 2), p.259-273; Deep geology of the Midland Valley of Scotland and adjacent regions; symposium, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Oct. 18-19, 1983, chaired by D. R. Bowes. Publisher: Royal Society of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. ISSN: 0263-5933
Publication Date:1984
Note:In English. 30 refs.; illus. incl. 3 anal., 4 tables, geol. sketch maps
Summary:Major- and trace-element data for 'late granitoid' (<430 m.y.) plutons from the Grampian Highlands, Midland Valley and Southern Uplands of Scotland are presented. The whole province is chemically high-K calc-alkaline with notable Sr and Ba enrichment. Plutons of the NE Highlands are chemically more evolved than those further S. When petrographic and chemical data are considered, three plutonic suites are recognized: the Cairngorm suite in the NE Highlands, the Argyll suite of the SW Highlands, and the S of Scotland suite. It is proposed that the more acidic granitic rocks are dominantly the products of I-type crustal sources, but certain diorites and more basic members of zoned plutons have a substantial mantle component. Elevated Sr and Ba in the Argyll suite may result from modification of the mantle by fluids. The relatively anhydrous pyroxene-mica diorites of the S of Scotland are richer in Ni and Cr and appear to represent mantle-derived melts. [I.P.]
Subjects:Absolute age; Alkaline earth metals; Caledonian Orogeny; Dates; Geochemistry; Granitic composition; Igneous rocks; Intrusions; Isotopes; Lead; Major elements; Metals; Nd-144/Nd-143; Neodymium; O-18/O-16; Oxygen; Paleozoic; Pb-206/Pb-204; Plutonic rocks; Plutons; Radioactive isotopes; Rare earths; Sr-87/Sr-86; Stable isotopes; Strontium; Trace elements; Europe; Grampian Highlands; Great Britain; Midland Valley; Scotland; Scottish Highlands; Southern Uplands; United Kingdom; Western Europe; A-type magma; Argyll; Cairngorm; I-type magma; S-type magma; Southern Scotland
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Copyright Information:GeoRef, Copyright 2019 American Geosciences Institute. Reference includes data from Mineralogical Abstracts, United Kingdom, Twickenham, United Kingdom
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