Kaolin mineralization in Suzhou

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Authors:Han Kecong; Ma Shengyun
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Jiangsu Bur. Miner. Resour., Jiangsu, China
Chin. Acad. Geol. Sci., China
Volume Title:Mineral Deposits Kuangchuang Dizhi
Source:Mineral Deposits = Kuangchuang Dizhi, 4(2), p.58-68. Publisher: Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Institute of Mineral Deposits, Beijing, China. ISSN: 0258-7106
Publication Date:1985
Note:In Chinese with English summary. 11 refs.; illus. incl. sects., strat. cols.
Summary:The Suzhou kaolin deposits of China are controlled by overthrusts and shear faults developed in the Yenshanian period. Long-term thrusting and multi-stage shearing, sheet loading, mylonitization and related recrystallization offered the necessary P-T conditions. The fracture zone, texture and structure of tectonite, especially the footwall of calcareous rocks, were favourable media for hydrochemical circulation. The combination of processes resulting from tectonic conditions such as disintegration, dissolution, transport, deposition, metasomatism and recrystallization of aluminosilicate, is what the present authors call the tectono-geochemical process. In this process, the tectonic desilication and enrichment in Al provided material for the kaolin mineralization. The negatively-charged silicate colliform usually migrated together with the absorbed ferruginous substance and was deposited in the ferri-siliceous mylonitic puddingstone. Depletion in alkali offered an acid media for kaolinite mineralization. The tectonic type of kaolin contributes >90% of the total reserve. Hydrothermal activity occurred at the contact zones of both vein rocks and sub-volcanic intrusives. It is concluded that tectonic mineralization and hydrothermal circulation are the main processes of Suzhou kaolin mineralization, but hydrothermal circulation is limited in scope, and the related porphyry type of kaolin makes up only approx 10% of the total reserve. [P.Br.]
Subjects:Clay mineralogy; Economic geology; Faults; Igneous rocks; Intrusions; Kaolin deposits; Mesozoic; Metasomatism; Mineral deposits, genesis; Mineralization; Mylonitization; Porphyry; Structural controls; Textures; Thrust faults; Veins; Yanshanian; Asia; China; Far East; Areal studies; Suzhou; Tectonite type
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