Application of zeolite for treatment of radioactive waste

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Authors:Kanno, Takuji
Volume Title:Nendo Kagaku Journal of the Clay Science Society of Japan
Source:Nendo Kagaku = Journal of the Clay Science Society of Japan, 25(1), p.1-10. Publisher: Nippon Nendo Gakkai = The Clay Science Society of Japan, Tokyo, Japan. ISSN: 0470-6455
Publication Date:1985
Note:In Japanese with English summary. 13 refs.; illus. incl. 6 tables
Summary:For the fixation of 85Kr, zeolite encapsulation and chemical fixation methods have given favourable results concerning 85Kr loading, but it would be necessary for its practical use to reduce the P on encapsulation. The treatment of large volumes of the radioactive waste solution in the Three Mile Island atomic power station has been investigated with mixed zeolite of chabazite and zeolite A. Various zeolites were also studied for the application to the solidification of 137Cs and 90Sr in high-level liquid waste. Cs-saturated zeolites A, X and Y were transformed to the mixture of nepheline and pollucite above 1000°C, and mordenite saturated with Cs was also transformed to CsAlSi5O12 at 1200°C. These Cs aluminosilicates were very stable. Leaching rates of Cs from the calcined zeolites were decreased with increasing calcination T, and the leaching rate of Cs from zeolites calcined at 1200°C were <10-9 g/cm2/day, which is 3 orders lower than the leaching rate of Cs from boro-silicate glass. The volatilization of Cs from zeolite during calcination at high T was very slight. [H.H.]
Subjects:Alkali metals; Cesium; Chabazite; Cs-137; Engineering geology; Fixation; Framework silicates; Geochemistry; Isotopes; Kr-85; Krypton; Leaching; Liquid waste; Metals; Noble gases; Processes; Properties; Radioactive isotopes; Radioactive waste; Silicates; Sodalite; Sodalite group; Temperature; Waste disposal; Zeolite deposits; Zeolite group; Asia; Dauphin County Pennsylvania; Far East; Japan; Pennsylvania; United States; Calcination; Encapsulation; Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant; Treatment; Zeolite A
Abstract Numbers:88M/5330
Record ID:1985082764
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