Diversification of carbonatite

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Authors:Le Bas, M. J.
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Univ. Leicester, Dep. Geol., Leicester, United Kingdom
Volume Title:Carbonatites; genesis and evolution
Volume Authors:Bell, Keith, editor
Source:Carbonatites; genesis and evolution, edited by Keith Bell, p.428-447. Publisher: Unwin Hyman, London, United Kingdom. ISBN: 0-04-445068-0
Publication Date:1989
Note:In English. 59 refs.; illus.
Summary:Carbonatites vary: they can be rich in calcite, dolomite, ankerite or apatite, while others contain abundant magnetite, pyrochlore or fluorite. Several parameters can contribute to the chemical diversity of carbonatite; 1) nature of the upper mantle source; 2) chemical composition of the parental magma; 3) P-T conditions at which liquid immiscibility may take place; 4) crystal fractionation of carbonate minerals and the early precipitation of apatite, magnetite and olivine; 5) loss of alkalis by fenitization, and 6) contamination by adjacent country rocks. Each can drastically affect the composition of carbonatite magma. [R.E.S.]
Subjects:Carbonatites; Composition; Differentiation; Fenitization; Fractional crystallization; Igneous rocks; Immiscibility; Interpretation; Magmas; Metasomatism; Phase equilibria; Wall-rock alteration; (Na<2`OK<2`O)-(SiO<2`Al<2`O<3`)-CaO; CaO-MgO-(FeO<T`MnO); K<2`CO<3`-Na<2`CO<3`-CaCO<3`
Abstract Numbers:90M/2159
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Copyright Information:GeoRef, Copyright 2019 American Geosciences Institute. Reference includes data from Mineralogical Abstracts, United Kingdom, Twickenham, United Kingdom
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