Melting behavior of fluid inclusions in laboratory-grown halite crystals in the systems NaCl-H2O, NaCl-KCl-H2O, NaCl-MgCl2-H2O, and NaCl-CaCl2-H2O

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doi: 10.1016/0016-7037(90)90355-O
Authors:Davis, Daniel W.; Lowenstein, Tim K.; Spencer, Ronald J.
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State Univ. N.Y., Dep. Geol. Sci. and Environ. Sci., Binghamton, NY, United States
Univ. Calgary, Canada
Volume Title:Current research on fluid inclusions
Volume Authors:Bodnar, Robert J., prefacer
Source:Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 54(3), p.591-601; Second biennial Pan American conference on Fluid inclusions, Blacksburg, VA, Jan. 4-7, 1989, prefaced by Robert J. Bodnar. Publisher: Pergamon, Oxford, International. ISSN: 0016-7037
Publication Date:1990
Note:In English. 26 refs.; illus. incl. 4 tables
Summary:Results are presented on the melting behaviour of fluid inclusions of known composition trapped in synthesized halite crystals leading to a comparison of observed melting and dissolution T of solid phases with predicted T based on published experimental data. The chemical composition of fluid inclusions in halite can accurately be determined from the observed melting T of hydrohalite, ice and sylvite. In the NaCl-KCl-H2O system at halite saturation, the final melting T of ice in hydrohalite-free inclusions, and the final melting T of hydrohalite can be used to determine MgCl2 and CaCl2 molalities. Fluid inclusions with MgCl2 or CaCl2 may start melting as low as -80 degrees C, indicating the presence of metastable salt hydrates. The formation of such metastable phases during freezing of fluid inclusions may lead to misinterpretation of their chemical composition. This applies particuarly to inclusions with first melt T <-37 degrees C which may otherwise be interpreted as being rich in CaCl2. [R.K.H.]
Subjects:Chlorides; Composition; Fluid inclusions; Halides; Halite; Ice; Inclusions; Interpretation; Melting; Phase equilibria; Sylvite; Synthetic materials; NaCl-CaCl<2`-H<2`O; NaCl-H<2`O; NaCl-KCl-H<2`O; NaCl-MgCl<2`-H<2`O
Abstract Numbers:90M/4266
Record ID:1990032510
Copyright Information:GeoRef, Copyright 2019 American Geosciences Institute. Reference includes data from Mineralogical Abstracts, United Kingdom, Twickenham, United Kingdom
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