Preliminary UVLAMP determinations of argon partition coefficients for olivine and clinopyroxene grown from silicate melts

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doi: 10.1016/S0009-2541(97)00181-2
Authors:Brooker, Richard A.; Wartho, J. A.; Carroll, Michael R.; Kelley, Simon P.; Draper, David S.
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Bristol University, Department of Geology, Bristol, United Kingdom
Open University, United Kingdom
Volume Title:degassing of the Earth
Volume Authors:Carroll, M. R., editor; Kohn, S. C.; Wood, B. J.
Source:Chemical Geology, 147(1-2), p.185-200; Colston Research Society conference on The degassing history of the Earth, Bristol, United Kingdom, Aug. 29-31, 1996, edited by M. R. Carroll, S. C. Kohn and B. J. Wood. Publisher: Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands. ISSN: 0009-2541
Publication Date:1998
Note:In English. 57 refs.; illus., incl. 3 tables
Summary:An ultra-violet laser ablation microprobe (UVLAMP) has been applied for the first time to investigate argon partition coefficients for olivines and clinopyroxenes grown from silicate melts at 1 bar argon pressure. These preliminary measurements yield crystal/melt partition coefficients ranging from 0.138 (±0.01) to 0.013 (±0.003) for olivine and 0.589 (±0.003) to 0.0016 (±0.0005) for clinopyroxene. The higher values may indicate sub-microscopic melt inclusions, or some other heterogeneous distributions of "non-equilibrium" argon in the crystals. The lower values are probably more representative of true partition coefficients and fall at least an order of magnitude below the previously reported experimental data. The possibility of anomalous, high argon contents for crystals in previous studies is discussed in terms of surface adsorption, "trapped" argon and early partial melting. Abstract Copyright (1998) Elsevier, B.V.
Subjects:Argon; Chain silicates; Clinopyroxene; Electron probe data; Experimental studies; Geochemistry; Glass materials; Laboratory studies; Laser methods; Magmas; Mantle; Melts; Nesosilicates; Noble gases; Olivine; Olivine group; Orthosilicates; Partition coefficients; Pyroxene group; Silicates; Spectra; Synthesis; Ultraviolet spectra; UVLAMP spectra
Abstract Numbers:99M/436
Record ID:1998043086
Copyright Information:GeoRef, Copyright 2019 American Geosciences Institute. Reference includes data from CAPCAS, Elsevier Scientific Publishers, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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