Exhumation processes; normal faulting, ductile flow and erosion

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Authors:Ring, Uwe; Brandon, Mark T.; Lister, Gordon S.; Willett, Sean D.
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Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz, Federal Republic of Germany
Yale University, United States
Monash University, Australia
Pennsylvania State University, United States
Source:Geological Society Special Publications, Vol.154, 378p. Publisher: Geological Society of London, London, United Kingdom. ISSN: 0305-8719. ISBN: 1-86239-025-8
Publication Date:1999
Note:In English. Individual papers are cited separately
Summary:Field geology, is by definition, mainly concerned with the study of exhumed rocks. This volume contains 16 papers variously covering subduction-related accretionary wedges (B-type subduction), collisional belts and intra-continental convergence (A-type subduction), and lithospheric extension: divergent plate motions (rifting).00M/0095[1]Exhumation processes. M. T. Brandon, S. D. Willett & G. S. Lister, pp 1-27.00M/0095[2]Evaluation of exhumation mechanisms for coherent blueschists in western Baja California, Mexico. R. L. Sedlock, pp 29-54.00M/0095[3]Ductile deformation and mass loss in the Franciscan subduction complex: implications for exhumation processes in accretionary wedges. U. Ring & M. T. Brandon, pp 55-86.00M/0095[4]Miocene high-pressure metamorphic rocks of Crete, Greece: rapid exhumation by buoyant escape. S. N. Thomson, B. Stöckhert & M. R. Brix, pp 87-107.00M/0095[5]Oscillating modes of orogeny in the Southwest Pacific and the tectonic evolution of New Caledonia. T. J. Rawling & G. S. Lister, pp 109-127.00M/0095[6]Exhumation of the Sanbagawa blueschist belt, S Japan, by lateral flow and extrusion: evidence from structural kinematics and retrograde P-T-t paths. R. P. Wintsch, T. Byrne & M. Toriumi, pp 129-155.00M/0095[7]Spatial and temporal variations in exhumation of the central Swiss Alps and implications for exhumation mechanisms. F. Schlunegger & S. Willett, pp 157-179.00M/0095[8]Exhumation of migmatites in two collapsed orogens: Canadian Cordillera and French Variscides. O. Vanderhaeghe, J.-P. Burg & C. Teyssier, pp 181-204.00M/0095[9]Diapiric ascent and cooling of a sillimanite gneiss dome revealed by 40Ar/39Ar thermochronology: the Kigluaik Mountains, Seward Peninsula, Alaska. A. T. Calvert, P. B. Gans & J. M. Amato, pp 205-232.00M/0095[10]Exposure of deep, dense rocks: interplay between erosion and sinking. A. F. Glazner, pp 233-239.00M/0095[11]Geological and geochronological constraints on the exhumation of a high-pressure metamorphic terrane, Oman. J. McL. Miller, R. T. Gregory, D. R. Gray & D. A. Foster, pp 241-260.00M/0095[12]New insight into the dynamic development of the Southern Alps, New Zealand, from detailed thermochronological investigation of the Mataketake Range pegmatites. G. E. Batt, B. P. Kohn, J. Braun, I. McDougall & T. R. Ireland, pp 261-282.00M/0095[13]Exhumation history of orogenic highlands determined by detrital fission-trace thermochronology. J. I. Garver, M. T. Brandon, M. Roden-Tice & P. J. J. Kamp, pp 283-304.00M/0095[14]Detachment faults in the Aegean core complex of Ios, Cyclades, Greece. M. A. Forster & G. S. Lister, pp 305-323.00M/0095[15]Controls on pseudotachylyte formation during tectonic exhumation in the South Mountain metamorphic core complex, Arizona. L. B. Goodwin, pp 325-34.00M/0095[16]Quantifying tectonic exhumation in an extensional orogen with thermochronology: examples from the southern Basin and Range Province. D. A. Foster & B. E. John, pp 343-364.Index. pp 365-378. [R.A.H.]
Subjects:Deformation; Ductile deformation; Erosion; Exhumation; Faults; Normal faults; Tectonics
Abstract Numbers:00M/95
Record ID:1999071014
Copyright Information:GeoRef, Copyright 2019 American Geosciences Institute. Reference includes data from Mineralogical Abstracts, United Kingdom, Twickenham, United Kingdom
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