Aktsesorni tsirkoni iz porid Novoukrayins'kogo masivu  [Accessory zircons from Novoukrainskiy Massif]

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Alternate Title:Accessory zircons from Novoukrainskiy Massif
Authors:Stepanyuk, L. M.; Andrienko, O. M.
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Ukrayins'kiy Derzhavniy Geologo-Rozviduval'niy Institut, Kiev, Ukraine
Natsional'na Akademiya Nauk Ukrayini, Ukraine
Volume Title:Mineralogicheskiy Zhurnal
Source:Mineralogicheskiy Zhurnal, 26(4), p.19-33. Publisher: Natsional'naya Akademiya Nauk Ukrainy, Institut Geokhimii, Mineralogii i Rudoobrazovaniya, Kiev, Ukraine. ISSN: 0204-3548
Publication Date:2004
Note:In Ukrainian with English and Russian summaries. 13 refs.; illus., incl. 1 table
Summary:The description of morphology and internal structure of zircon crystals from the rocks of different magmatic phases of the Novoukrainka pluton, distinguished by geological observations is given: gabbroids and monzonitoides, composing the xenolithes among trachytoid granites (first phase), garnet-biotite and hypersthene-bearing trachytoid granites (the second phase), as well veined subalkaline porphyry and medium-grained, equigranular granites (third phase). It is concluded that as to mineralogical features the zircon crystals from gabbroids have the magmatic genesis. Since zircon crystals from monzonitoids, which were related to the first phase, according to geological observations as well as the zircon crystals from trachytoid granites of the second phase, contain heterogeneous nuclei of substratum zircons, it is supposed, that monzonitoids and trachytoid granites are palingenetic-anatexite formations. Rocks of their substratum are most probably the metamorphic rocks of Ingul-Inguletz series. Monazites of the granitoids have the magmatic genesis, but in contrast to zircon, the monazite crystals were generated as a result of certain endogenic process.
Sections:Mineral data
Mineral Groups:Ortho-and ring silicates
Subjects:Accessory minerals; Anatexite; Crystal form; Granites; Igneous rocks; Metamorphic rocks; Migmatites; Monazite; Monzodiorite; Monzogranite; Nesosilicates; Orthosilicates; Phosphates; Plutonic rocks; Silicates; Zircon; Zircon group; Zoning; Commonwealth of Independent States; Europe; Ukraine; Ingul River basin; Ingulets Series; Novoukrainskiy Massif
Abstract Numbers:05M/1940
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