New data on 'plumosite' and other sulphosalt minerals from the Herja hydrothermal vein deposit, Baia Mare district, Rumania

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Authors:Cook, Nigel J.; Damian, Gheorghe S.
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University of Würzburg, Mineralogical Institute, Wurzburg, Germany
Universtity of Baia Mare, Romania
Volume Title:Geologica Carpathica (Bratislava)
Source:Geologica Carpathica (Bratislava), 48(6), p.387-399. Publisher: De Gruyter for Slovak Academic Press, Bratislava, Slovakia. ISSN: 1335-0552
Publication Date:1997
Note:In English. 38 refs.; illus., incl. 7 tables, sketch map
Summary:XRD and EPMA results are reported for a range of sulphides and sulphosalts from the Herja hydrothermal vein deposit in andesites and microdiorites in the Baia Mare district of N Romania, and include sphalerite, galena, arsenopyrite, marcasite, bournonite tetrahedrite, semseyite, fulöppite, berthierite, zinkenite, boulangerite, heteromorphite, veenite, twinnite, diaphorite and jamesonite. The arsenopyrite associated with the Sb-sulphosalts is commonly enriched in Sb (up to 6 wt.%); the tetrahedrite has Ag 7-20 wt.%. Those loose, felty masses of acicular needles ('plumosite') occur throughout the veins and are confirmed as jamesonite, though with a conspicuously rich Mn content, equivalent to 4-8 mol.% benavidesite; cell parameters were calculated to be a 15.71, b 19.10, c 4.03, but some uncertainty arises from discrepancies in the various weak patterns recorded. It is proposed that the descriptive name 'plumosite' be used for all such felted masses of Pb-Sb sulphosalts, including those with the compositions of jamesonite and berthierite. Geothermometry based on the S isotope compositions of coexisting pyrite-galena pairs indicated T of 417 ± 75°C and 320 ± 70°C, regarded as close to the maximum T at the onset of mineralization; stibnite and sulphosalt parageneses, however, are believed to have formed at T <<<[dollar]I> 220°C. [Š.D.]
Subjects:Alloys; Antimony ores; Boulangerite; Bournonite; Chalcostibite; Electrum; Hydrothermal conditions; Jamesonite; Lead ores; Manganite; Metal ores; Mineral assemblages; Mineral deposits, genesis; Oxides; Polymetallic ores; Sulfantimonites; Sulfosalts; Tetrahedrite; Veins; X-ray diffraction data; Zinckenite; Baia Mare Romania; Europe; Herja; Maramures Romania; Romania; Southern Europe; Transylvania; Benavidesite; Berthierite; Diaphorite; Fahlore; Fuloppite; Plumosite; Veenite
Coordinates:N460000 N481000 E0250000 E0220000
Abstract Numbers:98M/2996
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Copyright Information:GeoRef, Copyright 2020 American Geosciences Institute. Reference includes data from Mineralogical Abstracts, United Kingdom, Twickenham, United Kingdom
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