The Devonshire mineral collection of Chatsworth House; an 18th century survivor and its restoration

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Authors:Cooper, M. P.
Volume Title:Mineralogical Record
Source:The Mineralogical Record, 36(3), p.239-272. Publisher: Mineralogical Record, Tucson, AZ, United States. ISSN: 0026-4628
Publication Date:2005
Note:In English. Based on Publisher-supplied data
Summary:A fascinating account is given of the restoration and re-organization of this mineral collection assembled nearly 200 years ago, with some later additions. It has now been rehoused and and found to include specimens from the Crichton and Heuland collections. The former include a 4 x 4 cm radiating mass of raspberry-red elbaite from Shaitansk, Siberia, and a large crystal of amazonite from Miask, Siberia. A 4 x 5 x 13.5 cm prism of vesuvianite from Val d'Ala, Piemont, Italy, is almost certainly one bought from the Henry Heuland auction in 1834 "The most valuable crystal known". The 'Duke's Emerald' from Colombia weighs 1383.95 ct, is 5 cm in diameter, and was for long renowned as the largest and finest uncut emerald in existence. [R.A.H.]
Sections:Gemstones; Topographical mineralogy; Various topics
Subjects:Alkali feldspar; Amazonite; Collections; Curation; Elbaite; Emerald; Feldspar group; Framework silicates; Gems; Mineral localities; Museums; Orthosilicates; Popular geology; Ring silicates; Silicates; Sorosilicates; Tourmaline group; Vesuvianite; Devon England; England; Europe; Great Britain; United Kingdom; Western Europe
Abstract Numbers:05M/2256
Record ID:2016097196
Copyright Information:GeoRef, Copyright 2019 American Geosciences Institute. Reference includes data from Mineralogical Abstracts, United Kingdom, Twickenham, United Kingdom
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